Seajob Indian Anchor Awards™


A narration of success was written on the eve of 29th November when Sea Line Group unveiled its new dazzling trophies and website for its series of Seajob Indian Anchor Awards. The ceremony named Voyage 2020 was embraced by industry stalwarts, family and friends who thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations complemented by delicious appetizers and choice of cocktails.

Mrs. Grace Roni, CEO, Sea Line Group set the ball rolling with her opening address and gratifying speech wherein she thanked one and all associated with the function.

A total of 44 sponsors comprising of esteemed shipping companies, maritime institutes of India and maritime medical entities participated and supported the event. The host Ms. Aradhana gracefully led the evening as she interacted with the dignitaries and guests alongside the enticing live musical performances by the Crystal Fire Band.

An enchanting experience was served to all through a dramatic holographic projection of the new trophies. Seajob believes, a trophy becomes an achievement when the admirer becomes a contender and let’s accept it, when a trophy is smashing, the pleasure of holding it amplifies. Well, the trophies that were unveiled have been shaped so for a reason.

The Base of the Trophy denotes the giant rock on the ocean bed that remains firm even in the worst of storms. The Riser of the Trophy symbolizes the waves emerging from the deep ocean that gets clement on the surface. It is the pillar that has thrived from the foundation. The Crest that sits on the zenith of the trophy is the logo of Sea Line Group that has sailed all the upheavals, thanks to all the supporters, patrons and sponsors.

The next revelation was the inauguration of – a dedicated website for the awards which was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Abraham parents of Mr. Roni Abraham, Founder and Managing Director, Sea Line Group marking the unveiling ceremony.

The amusing conceptualization with the aid of technology was a strikingly impressive visual to witness at first hand, indicated the roaring round of applause from the audience.

With this ceremony, SeaJob has begun the sail to the next chapter of Seajob Indian Anchor Awards which is being formulated to transcend its own benchmark set in the year 2018. What’s more, during the splendid event, Mr. Maneesh Pradhan; Capt. Kulwant Budwal; Capt. Anshul Rajvanshi; Capt. M. C. Yadav; Mr. Roni Abraham; Capt. S. M. Divekar; Capt. Shyam Jairam; Capt. Mohan Naik; Mr. Shyamvir Singh; Mr. Satish Pillania; Capt. Rajinder Singh Rattu and Mr. Pradeep Bajpai including everyone in the audience released the Souvenir – Voyage 2020 in a picturesque moment.

The man who steered Sea Line Group to the pinnacle, none other than Mr. Roni Abraham, delivered the closing speech with a hearty appreciation for the sponsors and guests whose valuable contributions made the event happen.

Last but not the least, the occasion continued with dinner, dance and music culminating to a zealous night.

We at Sea Line Group thank all our sponsors who breathed life in to this event. Mere words cannot express how grateful and honoured we feel with your support.