Seajob Indian Anchor Awards™


The ceremony rose as a lovely evening. It is very encouraging and thrilling to meet all the people from the industry and I think these kinds of events inspire people to do better. When people let their heads down and get so engaged in interacting, you know the gathering is successful. I think the way in which the trophies were launched was amazing. We are very keen to see the successful award ceremony next year, of course with our participation. Seajob is very people oriented and I see a very great future of the company.

Mr. Pradeep Bajpai

Head of Fleet, Tomini Shipping

Unveiling of the new trophies was conducted in a way beyond our expectations. The holographic projection of trophies was amazing and was of course beautified by the actual trophies. I hope and wish Seajob comes up with another extravagant event next year with more participation.

Mr. Satish Pillania

CEO, TW Ship Management Pvt Ltd

Seajob has always contributed to the shipping Industry by providing a great platform for seafarers looking for jobs onboard or ashore.  The Unveiling ceremony was one of its kind in the industry. We congratulate Seajob and look forward to the upcoming Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2020.

Capt. Kulwant Budwal

Executive Director, d'Amico Ship Ishima India Pvt Ltd

The Trophy and Website Launch for 2020 was an excellently organized event with a convenient choice of location. The band was a great complement to the wonderful buffet spread. My heartiest congratulations to SEAANDJOB for the new website and trophies and good luck for their upcoming events!

Capt. Ganesh Upadhyay

MD, AG. Maritime Pvt Ltd

The trophy unveiling ceremony turned out to be a fantastic evening having the signature of Mr. Roni. Last year, Seajob Indian Anchor Awards saw the members of shipping fraternity coming together to witness the most deserving people being awarded. Our company received an award at the last function and we are all set to compete for the upcoming set of awards as it is really very prestigious. I believe that the passion and enthusiasm through which the Seajob team executes the awards function is commendable. There are lots of extra elements and efforts that are put up by Mr. Roni and team which reflects his love for the industry. What is remarkable is that the company is equally dedicated to all its ventures including the SEAANDJOB magazine which is very successful.

Capt. Mohan Naik

Director, Dynacom Tankers Management Pvt. Ltd.

The trophy unveiling ceremony was truly a fantastic evening filled with lots of fun and entertainment. The conceptualization was one of a kind and the trophies undoubtedly look amazing!

It was a pleasure to be a part of the function and now we’re looking forward to the main event.

I wish Mr. Roni and the Seajob team a good luck!

Capt. Kunal Katyal

Director & Crewing Operations, Suntech Crew Management Private Limited

Our experience was very good with the glorious event conducted by the Seajob team. The hospitality rendered to us was superb whereas the setup at the venue was extremely beautiful & attractive. I am sure that the event in 2020 will encourage and motivate young shipping companies to participate by doing more quality work in a filtered fashion.


Mr. Shyamvir Singh

Founder Chairman & MD, Tangar Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.

On behalf of Uniship Management Private Limited, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the ‘Trophy and Website Unveiling Ceremony’. The function was extremely well organized, immensely entertaining and was definitely an evening to remember. We look forward to the upcoming Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2020. Cheers!

Capt. Keith Antao

General Manager, Uniship Management Pvt Ltd

It was a privilege to attend the trophy and website unveiling ceremony hosted by a dear friend Roni Abraham of Seajob. As usual, the warmth and generosity of the entire Seajob team was evident all through this wonderful event. I personally look forward to all of Roni’s impeccably organised events ever since the first award ceremony. For me, this event was well organized & had a refreshing element of originality to it.

Capt. Bhuvanesh Puri

General Manager (Training), MSC Crewing Services Pvt Ltd

It was our pleasure to have been invited to the trophy and website unveiling ceremony. The grandeur and the elegance of the event was very impressive. We were in awe at the time of the unveiling. It has brought all companies on a common platform. We wish Seajob the very best in its future endeavours.

Mr. Anthony Fernandes

Director, YUAM Crew Management Pvt. Ltd

Our best wishes for the upcoming Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2020. Continue to maintain & exceed the high standards. A pleasure to rub shoulders with Peers, Seniors & Rising Stars. Overall good job done by team SEAANDJOB!

Capt. Sandeep Sharma

CEO, RSM Management Pvt. Ltd.

Seajob is doing great work in the shipping industry. Over the years they have really captured everything that is right, everything that is true and done everything that is perfect, garnering acceptance from the shipping community. The best way to go forward for Seajob is right ahead, right on top. What they are planning in 2020 would be an enviable situation for all of us. I am sure that it will be a great event. We all await the awards next year.

Capt. Shyam Jairam

Former Director, Seaarland Management Services Pvt Ltd

It was an honour for me to represent my employers for the unveiling of the new trophy. The hard work and efforts put in by the Seajob team to create a new benchmark in appreciating and awarding the contribution of organisations in providing employment for seafarers and excelling in marine management is commendable and very encouraging. I wish it to be an industry leading and a roaring success.

Capt. Rakesh Coelho

Representative Manager, Zodiac Maritime Agencies (India) Private Ltd.

As said, “It takes a village to raise a child”. The team SEAANDJOB has raised an exceptional child under its inspirational parents Mrs. Grace Roni and Mr. Roni Abraham.

Excellent was the experience of unveiling the trophy. This trophy shall bare the name of the winner yet it will always be the dearest to all and loved by its conceptional parents.

Best wishes and regards!!

Mrs. Aishwarya Pilankar

MD, Nautical Marine Management Services Pvt Ltd.

The event was well conceptualised and appreciated by the marine industry. The new website shows the importance of technology in the scheme of things. It was a pleasure and an honour for Sea Bird Medicare to be a part of the ceremony surrounded by veterans and stalwarts of the industry. Congratulations to Mr. Roni Abraham and Team Seajob for the wonderful event. Best wishes.

Mr. Bobby Mathew

CEO, Sea Bird Medicare Pvt Ltd

Excellent ambience, right type of music and good crowd. Over the years, I have seen the way Roni & Seajob team has been doing fantastic work, the growth which is of course on account of the team’s performance and the way they have been managing the company. The awards that Seajob delivered last year is now gaining momentum and I think the ship is in the right track!

Capt. Anshul Rajvanshi

MD, Synergy Maritime Recruitment Services Pvt Ltd

I am impressed by the arrangement and set up of the unveiling ceremony that signifies a positive spirit. We at MMTI have been availing the services of Seajob for a while now and I am sure the next set of awards is going to be a great success. Already looking forward to it!

Capt. C. L. Dubey

Owner & Principal, Mumbai Maritime Training Institute

The arrangements at the unveiling ceremony were very well managed. It turned out to be better than what we expected. Overall an amazing experience, looking forward to an event bigger than 2018.

Capt. Rajiv Sinha

Director & Principal, AIMS Institute of Maritime Studies Pvt. Ltd.

SEAANDJOB has once again been the first in the industry to hold an event to unveil a trophy and command a large audience from the shipping industry. We wish the team that put together this grand event the very best for 2020. You have been the first to set a GOLD standard for the trophy and the whiskey, keep it up Roni, the team and self-enjoyed your recent event, cheers!

Capt. Dinesh Jairam

Global Talent Acquisition Manager, Seaspan Crew Management India Private Limited

The trophy and website unveiling ceremony for the Seajob Indian Anchor Awards was a well thought and fulfilling function. Thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining evening.

Capt. Nazir Upadhye

Aderco: Sustainable Solutions

I was a jury member for Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2018 and as experienced, I would say that Seajob has a complete unbiased process with only the most deserving candidates making up to it. I think this award has been a great platform to recognize the achievers of the industry and is much awaited. Being an advocate for the diversity in industry, we look for more categories that highlight women. I think we should nominate women in the general category and I find Seajob as the best platform to do it. For me it was a pleasure to be a part of the trophy unveiling ceremony and we look forward to the next year’s event, bigger and better than the last one.

Ms. Sanjam Sahi Gupta

Director, Sitara Shipping Ltd.