Seajob Indian Anchor Awards™

Seajob Indian Anchor Awards Spreads its wings for 2020

We at Sea Line Group feel extremely proud in presenting you our new website as an extension of our identity and to bring in a new era of awards ceremony for the esteemed shipping fraternity. In the year 2018, the success of Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2018 roared loud in the industry which echoes till date. This inspired us to take the leap and introduce our new website to keep alive the legacy we built. With this website, we aspire to cherish and relive the moments of our award ceremonies and alongside establish a platform that earmarks Seajob Indian Anchor Awards as a brand unlike any other in the shipping sphere.

We believe, any given award must be remembered along with the company or individual who received it. As aforementioned, the winners of Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2018 are being highly promoted in every edition of Sea and Job magazine and we plan to take it a notch higher with the new website.

This endeavor will serve as a roadmap to success and enrich our future events. However, to achieve the desired results participation of the whole industry is equally important in delivering an exemplar for the maritime domain. We feel honoured about the fact that the initiative of organizing the first award ceremony was actively guided, supported and motivated by the industry stalwarts since the very initial days. Needless to say, the industry’s response and feedbacks regarding the event have been very positive throughout and is complemented even today!

With the thought “Empowering Seafarers to recognize the best in Shipping,” we conducted the voting procedure on our website – and accorded the seafarers with the upper hand. The transparency of the voting was maintained at all times making the process a reliable one. Another significant element was the Jury of Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2018 who made a difference with their contributions to a great extent as well. The awards also encouraged esteemed companies to jostle at an International level.

We utilized all our resources to encourage seafarers to vote for the companies of choice by reaching out to them through SMS, Social Media and Sea and Job magazine. As expected, the seafarers proactively participated in the voting campaign and we appreciate their cooperation.

Shipping professionals from Management to the hierarchy of Crewing dept. were invited to the awards night, a step never taken before at any event. The evening was covered by Times of India with an article on page 3 of Bombay Times which reached out to the masses beyond the shipping community. It was a great team work by Sea Line Group that tuned the rhythm of excellence and shaped it to become a breakthrough.

As we are approaching the new year, the next chapter of our Awards is set to mesmerize in November, 2020. What’s more, this event will change the face of awards ceremony and exceed expectations, a promise we always uphold.